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Volume Licenses - Individual Software Packages for Companies

Whereas private users usually purchase software as a single license, the volume licensing model has become increasingly popular for companies and public authorities. This licensing model is specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs and large companies, offers a number of efficiency advantages and, above all, pays off economically.

What exactly makes these volume licenses so interesting for companies, which versions are available and why even used Microsoft licenses can be quite valuable, we have summarized for you on this page.

There are a few points to consider when using volume licenses at the enterprise level. Therefore, rely on Softwarebuddies for all questions around the topic of volume licensing and benefit from comprehensive advice on your needs.
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The most important questions at a glance

What are volume licenses?

The term "volume license" stands for a special form of software licensing. As a rule, such volume licensing agreements are used by companies, government agencies or other institutions that require at least five or more licenses. A volume license comprises a package of licenses of a specific vendor software.

With this licensing model, the software can be installed on multiple end devices or multiple times to allow a larger number of users to access the software. The specific scope of the license (number of licenses) is agreed between the seller and the buyer.

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What are the benefits of volume licensing?

For companies, public institutions and other organizations, the purchase of software within the framework of a volume license is associated with numerous advantages.

When companies purchase volume licenses, they usually receive special conditions. This means that each individual license in the volume licensing agreement is cheaper to purchase than the corresponding individual licenses. The higher the order volume, the higher the potential savings.

The purchase of a volume license is usually done via a download. This also enables the purchase of large license volumes within a very short period of time and does not require any physical data carriers for transmission.
The purchase of a volume license enables uniform and efficient software asset management. This means that the corresponding software can be installed centrally by IT on the respective end devices / workstations via a volume license key.
Certain Microsoft volume licenses allow the end customer to set up virtual desktop infrastructures as well as server virtualizations in addition to simple installation.

Another key benefit is that these volume license features are not exclusive to first-time installations. Thus, subsequent purchasers of individual licenses can also benefit from the advantages of the entire volume license

Ein wesentlicher Vorteil ist außerdem, dass diese Eigenschaften der Volumenlizenzen nicht exklusiv für erstmalige Installationen gültig sind. So können nachfolgende Käufer von Einzellizenzen ebenfalls von den Vorteilen der gesamten Volumenlizenz profitieren


What are the types of volume licenses?

Volume licenses for various software programs are provided by the respective vendors. Microsoft volume licenses and Adobe volume licenses are in particularly high demand in the corporate sector. This is mainly due to the high degree of distribution and the versatility of the software solutions from these providers.

As part of a volume license, these software solutions, among others, are popular:

  • Adobe licenses (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Creative Suite)
  • Office licenses (Microsoft Office, Project, Visio)
  • Licenses for operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 10)
  • Licenses for servers (Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, CAL Suite)

used volume licenses

What is meant by used volume licenses?

A used volume license describes a volume license agreement that is no longer used in part or in whole by a company or institution. This can have different reasons:

  • Conversion / standardization of IT
  • Modernisierung der Firmen-Software
  • Restructuring in the company
  • Release / dismissal of employees


Through these and similar processes, additional licenses within the contract or the entire contract become free. Since there is usually no longer any use for these surplus license capacities, they can be used elsewhere or even sold.

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Can I legally buy single licenses from volume licenses?

Yes. Back in 2012, the European Court of Justice confirmed that once software vendors such as Microsoft and Adobe have sold their software to an end customer, they have no control over the extent to which that software is used or resold by the end customer itself. According to the "principle of exhaustion," this right expires with the initial purchase by the end customer. The German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) also referred to this ruling in its case law in 2013.

Building on this, the German Federal Court of Justice ruled in 2014 that this case law also applies to volume licenses. Thus, these may be legally sold and purchased by other end customers not only in their entirety as an overall license, but also as individual licenses.

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Are you interested in more details about volume licensing?

Are you looking for a used Microsoft Office license or older Adobe software versions? At Softwarebuddies, you're sure to find what you're looking for - we'll be happy to advise you personally on our inventory and individual licensing options.

Yes. As a rule, the first purchaser has already been able to buy the licenses at better conditions than would be realistic when buying individual licenses. When reselling e.g. Office volume licenses, these price advantages can be passed on directly to the subsequent buyers. Thus, the purchase of a used volume license is in any case more economical than the purchase of individual licenses.
When purchasing e.g. Microsoft volume licenses for your company, it must be ensured that no further copies of the purchased licenses exist on computers or at cloud level. To avoid any ambiguities here, reputable providers of used software only buy their licenses from companies that provide written proof of the uninstallation of said licenses. This means that there are no legal risks for the buyers of the licenses.
No. In the case of a volume license or the purchase of an individual license as part of a volume license agreement, the leasing of the software is not permitted. The legislator explicitly permits only resale here.
Theoretically, you can buy any used volume license. However, this assumes that there are enough licenses available for the corresponding software. The supply of licenses is directly related to the vendor's license inventory - the more companies sell their excess supply of licenses, the greater the potential supply from vendors of used Adobe or Office licenses.
No. Used volume licenses are considered used simply because they have already been purchased once. Whether you decide to purchase an Office volume license or need another software, with the purchase of the license you always also have access to the full scope of the software and all rights associated with the license. These rights also includeUpdate- as well as any downgrade options that are also part of the original volume license agreement. The downgrade feature in particular is still of interest to many companies - this gives them the option of purchasing a current volume license for a software and using a downgrade to establish compatibility with the rest of the company's IT.

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