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LiMA by Softwarebuddies - Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) & IT Asset Management (ITAM) from one source

The larger the company and the more comprehensive the IT, the more important the topics of IT and software asset management become. Surpluses or a lack of licenses can quickly become expensive - but with well-structured license management, you are on the safe side when using a wide range of software products. We offer you this service with LiMa - here we bundle all services from the areas of IT asset management and software asset management. In this way, we ensure that your company is always clear about the up-to-dateness and availability of license inventories and your own IT assets.

For example, we can use a LiMa project to check for you whether your license inventory for Microsoft products meets the vendor’s specifications. We determine the installed base neutrally and objectively, collect the license inventory data and create a license balance sheet, and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your license inventory and identify optimization potential.

Use our combined IT Asset Management & Software Asset Management service with LiMa and ensure an economically efficient license inventory. Get in touch via our contact form or make an appointment directly for a free initial consultation.

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

IT Asset Management (ITAM) represents a collection of business processes designed to manage the lifecycles of an organization's IT assets. It combines financial, inventory, contract and risk management responsibilities to manage the entire lifecycle of these assets.

Traditional IT assets include, for example:

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Mobile phones
  • Network components

In addition to the classic inventory (automated collection of information about IT assets, e.g., number of processors per computer, number of users in Active Directory) and the management of these assets over their lifecycle, a suitable tool set is one of the most important modules of ITAM.

What is Software Asset Management (SAM)?

A software asset management (SAM) aims to better structure license management. This gives companies an overview of the availability and use of company-owned software and enables them to uncover any overlicensing or underlicensing of software. At the same time, a SAM serves to prepare companies for software compliance audits by vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe and Co.

Thus, SAM is more than just the procurement and use of licenses: Software Asset Management is a collection of processes that encompasses the management and optimization of the purchase, deployment, maintenance, use, and disposal of software applications over a lifecycle within an organization. For example, Microsoft Software Asset Management can ensure economical licensing of software products and full compliance with license agreements. In addition, unnecessary additional costs due to subsequent licensing, vendor penalties or ongoing support costs for surplus licenses are avoided. This makes SAM an absolutely essential investment, especially for medium-sized and large companies. SAM itself is a subordinate function of IT asset management. Without the information from ITAM, SAM will not work.

SAM Management from a Professional?

We will be happy to inform you about your options with our service.

Whether for Microsoft products or other software - with Softwarebuddies you qualitatively realign your license management

ITAM and SAM in one service

What is LiMa?

LiMa is a service from Softwarebuddies that helps you monitor software usage compliance. LiMa builds on the processes that are fundamental to stringent license management in the enterprise: IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM).

The main tasks of LiMa are:

  • The collection of key performance indicators necessary for license management
    • Hardware information from the ITAM (this is determined from the inventory)
    • Installed base (how often is a software installed or how often is used)
    • Kfm. stock of licenses (what licenses are there and where, license evidence)
  • Create a license balance sheet
    • Based on the identified key figures
    • Using the appropriate license terms
    • With the aid of framework conditions (e.g. license pooling, use of used software, group-wide usage rights, etc.)

Variants for every IT need

LiMa from Softwarebuddies

In order to meet the individual requirements of a wide range of companies, we offer our LiMa service in two variants:

LiMa runOnce

  • One-time inventory of IT assets using smartSCAN if no alternative inventory tool is available
  • One-time survey of the commercial license inventory
  • Survey of the IT environment (virtualization, server farms, Active Directory, etc)
  • Creation of the license balance
  • Final discussion
  • Invoicing takes place within the framework of a one-off project on a time and material basis

LiMa managed Service

Like LiMa runOnce, but the ITAM system GLPI/Fusioninventory is installed and configured at the customer site.

  • Continuous inventory
  • Permanent maintenance of license data
  • Regular license balance
  • Billing is based on a flat monthly fee depending on the number of IT assets

Softwarebuddies currently offers the two services for the manufacturers Microsoft and Adobe. Other manufacturers will follow in the course of time.

All services for your company

Software Asset Management & IT Asset Management with LiMA

If you use software licenses from certain vendors, such as Microsoft or Adobe, in your organization under a volume licensing agreement, those vendors may require you to provide accurate information about the type and amount of software used. This is a request for license plausibility.

Software vendors use this tool to combat illegal copying or unlicensed software. Whether or not you have such licenses in use, a complete license plausibility check requires a great deal of time and resources for most companies.

As a rule, license information must be submitted within 3 weeks, which is a short deadline, especially for large companies without established software asset management. At the same time, great care is required - incorrect information, whether knowingly or unknowingly, can have immediate legal or financial consequences. With LiMa runOnce, due to the simple and fast implementation, the result is usually available within the timeframe specified by the manufacturer.

All ITAM & SAM services of Softwarebuddies

Your advantages with LiMa

By the way, you don’t have to wait for vendors like Adobe or Microsoft to request a SAM audit – simply use our LiMa services proactively and protect yourself against any software license audits that may be due. With long-term optimized license management, your company will benefit from a fully licensed software inventory that makes your IT even more economical and efficient.

As part of a software asset management review using LiMa, we list exactly which products are used to what extent in which departments of your company. This gives you a complete overview of all software licenses and means you always have an up-to-date license balance.

We check your current license management for inconsistencies - are all current licenses being used? Are some licenses missing from your software inventory? Our experienced SAM auditors identify any audit-relevant risks and at the same time find optimization and solution options.
If we determine within the scope of software asset management that your company has too few usage rights for your software products, you can simply purchase them directly through us. This makes short-term relicensing possible without any problems.
If, during an audit of your IT, we come to the conclusion that some licenses are no longer being used, we will gladly purchase these stocks. By this trade-in of your old licenses you simply turn dead capital into money.

This is why Softwarebuddies are the right SAM partner for your company

LiMa for IT and Software Asset Management

Whether for Microsoft products, Adobe applications or other software – with Softwarebuddies you qualitatively realign your license management. When you work with us, you can rely on the following strengths of our company:

We work as independent Microsoft SAM auditors and evaluate in detail how the licenses of your Microsoft software products are doing. We are not bound by instructions and provide you with a realistic assessment of your company's internal license management.

When we perform an Adobe or Microsoft SAM, you can rest assured that we will keep the entire review process confidential. If we identify underlicensing or mislicensing during the review, only you will receive that information. We do not share final results, interim results, or any other details about your license inventory with Microsoft or other vendors.
If, as part of software asset management, we determine that your company has too many or too few licenses for your Microsoft or Adobe products, you can simply sell or buy them directly through us. This makes it easy to relicense at short notice and ensures that your license management is audit-proof.
Take advantage of our LiMa services for IT and software asset management of your Microsoft or Adobe licenses now and face possible audits with peace of mind. Feel free to contact us via our contact form or make an appointment directly for a free and non-binding consultation with our license experts.

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