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Your licensing will henceforth be controlled via a group? You have switched to the cloud solution? In any case, your surplus or old software licenses are not worthless.With Softwarebuddies you achieve high purchase prices when you sell surplus and used software licenses.


You want to sell surplus software licenses?
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The process is simple and convenient: You tell us which and how many software licenses you want to sell. We will then submit a purchase offer to you. If you are interested, you sign an uninstallation declaration, perform the uninstallation of your used software and provide it to us online. The purchase price will be transferred to you promptly. Calculate the possible value of your used software licenses right away!

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Selling software licenses - The advantages at a glance

If you decide to sell old and surplus inventory of software licenses, then it can be worthwhile for your company in several ways. The benefits include the following points:
You are using an older software version, but want to switch to a more current software version? Chances are good that we can also offer you these in the form of used licenses at the best price. By selling older license stocks, you create space in your IT for the latest versions.
Depending on the number of units and the particular software product, it can be very lucrative for your company to sell surplus licenses. The additional financial resources that you
You are free to invest the funds that are available as a result - for example, to finance the purchase of new software.
We are your partner for the legally compliant purchase and sale of
software products from a wide range of manufacturers. Thereby we are always
informs about the latest requirements in the field of licensing
and advise you on all detailed questions. So you can licenses
Sell or buy without taking legal risks


Selling software licenses - What requirements apply?

The legal situation regarding the purchase and sale of used software licenses is regulated at European level. Corresponding rulings, including those of the ECJ, provide clear guidelines for this. Due to this European regulation, we can guarantee our buyers and sellers a secure and legally compliant transaction and, if required, also support them in licensing issues.

Please note that you can only sell or buy software licenses from us if your company / institution has its registered office within the European Union. Customers from Switzerland can also make full use of our services.

Sell and buy licenses - Softwarebuddies is your partner in all software questions

In our online store you can not only sell old software licenses and buy new used versions, we are also happy to provide you with many other IT solutions. The Softwarebuddies are Microsoft partners and offer used on-premise licenses as well as the cloud solution Microsoft 365.

We support you both in choosing the right product and in setting it up, as well as in individual deployment issues - always individually and based on the specific requirements of your IT.

Would you like to sell used licenses and get advice on newer versions? Feel free to contact us - we will help you quickly and easily!