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Microsoft Cloud Products - With Softwarebuddies to the economic move to the cloud

Switching a company's IT to a cloud solution gives companies and employees a high degree of flexibility. From location-independent working to the rapid provision of data and the simple licensing of software, the Microsoft Cloud and the Exchange Online service also offer numerous strengths. At the same time, the conversion of an IT represents an organizational and financial tour de force for every company.


At Softwarebuddies you can find the right licenses for Microsoft cloud products - and at the same time have the chance to partially counter-finance the switch to the cloud. Use our cloud software solutions, turn your old on premise license packages into cash and realize the switch to cloud services in an economical way.


New cloud software and purchase of on premise licenses - with Softwarebuddies you create secure and economically effective cloud structures for your company!

Your advantages at a glance

Cloud products + solutions for your business

With suitable cloud software, you will have significantly more leeway in the deployment of applications in the future. Discover the advantages at a glance here:

New cloud software and purchase of on premise licenses - with Softwarebuddies you create secure and economically effective cloud structures for your company!

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Easy scalability

No matter how the number of your employees or the size of your company develops in the future - the cloud simply grows with your requirements

Element 1

Location-independent access

Ensure flexible access to your entire IT for you and your employees - with the right cloud software, working from anywhere is possible.

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Reduction of running costs

Say goodbye to high maintenance costs and bulky IT infrastructure - with full-featured cloud software products, you effectively reduce hardware acquisition and maintenance costs.

Save costs when switching to the cloud

Cloud financing with software buddies

As practical and affordable as cloud IT is in the long run, the move from on premise software solutions to pure cloud services represents a large investment. Softwarebuddies offer you a simple and lucrative solution to largely offset these investment costs:

  • Sale of surplus licenses

Moving to the cloud doesn't make your old software licenses worthless - you can sell the now used on premise software and turn it into cash. We will make you a good offer for your surplus software licenses.

Profit twice with Softwarebuddies - buy your new cloud software in our store and sell your old license stock at the same time. This way, you can realize the conversion of your IT at a significantly lower price. We will be happy to advise you individually!

You want to bring your company forward with Microsoft Cloud products? We can help you! We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your options and support you in setting them up.

Microsoft Cloud Software Solutions

Individual offers for used software licenses

By selling surplus software inventory, you create additional financial leeway for your company, which can be used to purchase suitable cloud software or to finance the IT infrastructure.

Easily counter-finance large investments - with our offer, you can still profitably sell old on premise licenses in the event of a permanent switch to the cloud and thus reduce your absolute investment costs. We would be happy to provide you with further details about the license purchase process.

  • Licenses selection
    Use our query form to specify which software licenses from which manufacturer you would like to sell. You also specify the license volume. You leave your contact details and send us a request.

  • You will receive your offer
    After we receive your request, we will review it and send you an offer to purchase your software licenses via email.

  • Purchase of the software
    If you agree with the offer, we require a complete uninstallation declaration from you. This is your assurance that the licenses will no longer be used in your company and will be deleted. You can submit the licenses to us directly online.

  • Transfer of the purchase price
    As soon as you have sent us the required declaration and the license packages, we will instruct the bank transfer. The money will then be available to you within the shortest possible time.

Our service offers for companies

Cloud products on demand

At Softwarebuddies you buy the licenses you need for the full provision of cloud services. On request, we offer you a free consultation to find the most suitable software product for you. If required, we are also happy to create a Microsoft Tenant and book your software licenses directly there.


Do you need support with the conversion of your IT? Of course, we can also provide you with more extensive services for setting up a Microsoft cloud infrastructure. Discover our service packages for the professional transition to the cloud here:

Microsoft 365 Starter Package

  • Preliminary talk and consultation
  • Admin account setup
  • Setup / connection of the own domain
  • User setup
  • Assignment of the user licenses
  • Introduction to the Admin Portal

Detailed performance description:
We accompany you on your way into the Microsoft 365 world. For example, we take care of the initial setup for you in order to configure the cloud service individually. We support you in creating user accounts and assigning software licenses and connect your domain to the services. Finally, we give you a briefing on the admin portal so that you can take over future adjustments yourself.

Cost of the package:
One time 149,00 € Net + 9,90 € net pro user

Microsoft 365 Client Deployment

  • Preliminary talk and consultation
  • Configuration of the installation files
  • Configuration of the software distribution for the rollout to the clients
  • Deployment on the clients

Detailed performance description:
We support you in making the Office applications within the Microsoft Cloud available to the users as well. We customize the installation files (e.g. language, update behavior, terminal server usage, ...) and distribute them to the clients automatically.

Cost of the package:
One time 499,00 € Net + 5,00 € Net per client

Microsoft 365 Mailbox Migration

  • Preliminary talk and consultation
  • Selection of the appropriate migration method
  • Implementation of the migration
  • Rework
  • NO client configuration / on-site support

Detailed performance description:
Simply move your existing mailboxes to Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online. This way we take care of the migration of mails, contacts, calendars and tasks. Exchange accounts or other sources (e.g. IMAP accounts) can serve as the source here.

Cost of the package:
One-time according to expenditure / number of mailboxes

Maintenance contract Microsoft 365 Support

  • Proactive monitoring of the client
  • Support tickets opening
  • User management
  • Allocation of the licenses
  • Domain management
  • Support and technical request (capped at max. 10 hours per month)

Detailed performance description:
We provide customized support for your Microsoft 365 package. We take over administrative tasks such as adjustments to users or licenses, take care of proactive monitoring of the service and - should errors ever occur - also take care of communication with Microsoft for you. In addition, we are available to you as a direct contact for support and technical inquiries.

Cost of the package:
Price per user per month: 14,90 € Net
Per additional effort (over 10 hours): Price per hour 79,90 € net

Softwarebuddies supports you with your project

Buy Microsoft Cloud Software Products

Switching your own corporate IT from on premise solutions to deployment via the Microsoft Cloud involves some effort and costs. That’s why Softwarebuddies offers you a whole package of supporting services:

Wide range of license packages

In our range, you will find numerous licenses for Microsoft products that you can deploy in-house via the cloud. In addition to Microsoft cloud solutions, we also carry products from providers such as AutoDesk and Adobe. We will be happy to advise you individually on the solution that is right for you.

Easily counter-finance cloud migration

If you decide to move your IT to the cloud, there will automatically be a surplus of old on premise software licenses. We will be happy to make you an individual offer for the purchase of these license packages. This way, you can still sell old licenses at a profit.

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